Welcome Statement

Welcome to the Wythenshawe Catholic Academy Trust. I have been in the privileged position of leading the Trust since September 2018 during which time we have successfully stabilised the Trust finances, centralised HR and finance services, made good progress on our school improvement journey and survived a global pandemic.

Whilst we are a small multi-academy trust, we are nonetheless proud of what we have achieved by working together effectively to secure the best possible outcomes for the children and young people in our care. In an address to an Italian association of Catholic teachers, educators and school administrators, Pope Francis called on teachers to reach out to and “love with greater intensity” the children on “the peripheries” of their schools: those who do not like studying, who are labelled as “difficult,” who have disabilities, come from other countries or face other problems and disadvantages.


To me, we can respond best to the Pope’s “plea” by working as a collective, rather than acting unilaterally; making key decisions together when setting budgets, determining the content of curriculum through discussion, deciding who to employ as a panel, reaching consensus on key priorities etc. I know that some of you will be reading my “welcome” to help you decide whether to apply for a job at our Trust and others of you will reading the content on our website to consider whether to start on the journey of academisation.

If you are interested in joining us as either an individual, or a school, it is likely to be the right decision if you genuinely believe that by working collaboratively, each school benefits from others’ strengths and expertise within the Trust and practically from the services provided and procured centrally. Please do join us if you like working with people and want to belong to a dynamic, faith-driven organisation, whose focus is to serve the children, young people and families within our communities.

Sacha Humphries, CEO